The Electric Motor Vehicle Company is proud to announce its own range of electric bikes called GEOBYKE.

The company has specified all the best readily
available components and had these built into high spec frames manufactured by Geobyke in China.
“ Geobyke is a very reputable bike manufacturer and we carefully reviewed its ability to produce the best bike to suit our Southland environment.

We have also designed a full range of E-Bikes to suit all ages, experience and uses. “ says Alex de Boer, Managing Director.
The E-Bikes are designed to overcome all the issues and concerns most potential buyers have. This includes maximizing the range by having the largest possible batteries, and maximizing the power available to get up the steepest hills. Also included are 5 levels of power assist up to speeds of 45kmph including an accelerator to give an initial burst of energy when getting started. “ We can do all this, including high quality components by being involved in the value chain right from the start without having to push the prices up.

Everyone gets great value at a competitive price “ adds Mr de Boer.
The range includes the major sellers which are the high-step and low-step cruiser E- bikes designed for on-road commuting as well as being able to confidently take on the extensive and beautiful natural trails throughout Otago and Southland with the confidence of knowing they will last the distance for range, power, and reliability. This allows older people, who would not otherwise venture into these areas to enjoy the beauty of our native surroundings with their families and friends.
Our signature E-bike is our full suspension mountain bike with its 48-volt power system, 840Wh battery capacity, 29 inch wheels, and manual dropper seat post. The suspension and braking is excellent. All the detail is available on our special website
Also in stock are 2 types of E – Scooter. One is for commuting on our cycle lanes and footpaths. The other with twin motors and suspension to take on the rough terrain.
We also have our specialist E-Bikes . These include our popular E-Trike , a 3-wheeler for those with stability issues or wanting to commute to visit friends or do some shopping. It comes complete with shopping baskets front and rear and can even carry the family dog for an outing.
The Fold Up E-Bike can fit in the boot or the campervan to avoid bike carriers and be taken on holidays to ride trails and commute to town, or scenic spots while the vehicle can be left at the campsite.
The Cargo E-Bike is a new edition. It can fit 2 batteries for an extended range and has a large, sturdy parcel tray for holding a crate if you have a home delivery business. It can also carry a passenger such as when you want to take your child to school or shopping with you.

Also in the range is a Comfy E-Bike with fat tyres to take on the sandhills, soft ground or a spot of fishing along the beach where your car may run into a few issues.
Come in and see us at our shop at 279 Dee St,Invercargill and try them all out and have a good discussion.





   Farmers now have access to the technology to significantly reduce their on-farm fuel costs with the introduction of the all-electric Tuatara farm utility vehicle.

   The Tuatara is fitted with the same Lithium Iron phosphate ( LiFePO4 ) batteries that are used in electric vehicles worldwide. Either 1 or 2 batteries can be fitted giving a real on farm range of over 160km. This can be greatly extended because these batteries like being charged and can be plugged in at smokos, lunchtime, during milking , and at night. They can charge at 15 amps which rapidly refills the battery.

  The Tuatara with its water-cooled 15KW electric motor will climb 35-degree slopes and swampy areas. The large tyres and wide footprint are used to give good traction using 2WD,4WD, and all-wheel diff lock.

  “ It is quiet with a very roomy 3 full seat, enclosed cab to give all-weather comfort. It will do all the work done by ATVs, UTVs, Farm Utes, and some work now done by a tractor. The 3 decks can do multiple jobs around the farm” says Alex de Boer, Managing Director of The Electric Motor Vehicle Company.

 “ NZ is totally dependent on fuel coming in from overseas and the green movement combined with ESG investing has meant no new refineries are being built and a number have closed including our own Marsden Point. This plus many other worldwide issues including freight costs mean we will never see cheap fuel again. I predict petrol costs could reach $4.00 per litre by early 2023” says Mr de Boer.

“ The on-farm production of solar and wind has the problem that the power cannot be stored. This energy can be stored in the Tuatara’s batteries plus standby lithium batteries for later use. The Tuatara could be used to power remote huts and farm operations. We are also working to fit a solar power system to the roof of the Tuatara so power can be generated as it is used.

This will all leave farmers in better control of their costs and outside interference .  Sunlight and wind are in plentiful supply and will always be free to use! ” says Alex.

Worldwide pollution is an issue for our planet that needs to be brought under control. On farm each UTV is producing about 10 tonne of CO2 per year plus all the other particulates that are being breathed into our bodies. “ With the introduction of the Tuatara to farming this pollution can be greatly reduced at no real cost but considerable and increasing fuel bills can be eliminated. Maintenance is also a lot lower. It is a win-win all round which are always the best deals. We can even finance the cost of the vehicle over  5 years . Fuel savings will cover the finance cost so there is no capital cost to outlay.” concludes Mr de Boer.


Thank you to everyone who entered the draw at the 2022 Southland Home Show.

Mark Ritchie was very happy collecting his new Watt Wheels Bighorn LS Hub drive e-bike. We had a great turnout this year with a lot of interest in e-cycling and the e-Tuatara 4×4 fully electric farm utility vehicle.